Hello Friends! Well, 2018 was a wild ride full of many ups and downs. And lets face it, 2019 won’t be any different! That’s life and it’s beautiful and exciting and maddening and so many other amazing things!

In lieu of working on the Vancouver guitars this weekend I decided that I needed an actual weekend and I spent Saturday and today catching up on things that have been neglected and left bobbing in the wake of my guitar business. I went to the gym for the first time in about 4 months. Nicole and I went for a hike. We prepped a weeks worth of delicious and healthy food (which is something we’ve always enjoyed doing together). I helped my father-in-law install some trim in the addition they’re putting on their house. Basically, I popped into the shop long enough to keep the humidifiers going this weekend, and that’s it.

Time is my biggest struggle and has been for my entire adult life so far. It’s not an easy thing to do, building guitars from scratch, let alone trying to do it as a business! But I love it indeed and feel so incredibly fortunate to not only do this but have an amazing support system around me. For instance, this video above. My incredibly and ever supportive wife made this for me back in 2015. She’s been in my corner tackling media since the beginning. I still remember the first MySpace page she made for me!! Yea, it was that long ago kids. She’s built every website I’ve had since the beginning, taken countless photos, sacrificed stability, money, time and well, ME. It takes a lot to start a business, especially when you have to do it while providing an income working full time elsewhere. We’ve made it work through the years and while there have been a few bumps we are happy and strong and enjoying life together.

I recently went back to work full time. For the time being, the focus needs to be on putting everything I can back into the business. If you’ve been following along on social media and wondered why my posts have slowed way down, that is why. As time in the shop became more scarce it also became more precious and so it didn’t occur to me as often to pick up the camera and document what I was doing. I do however love sharing what’s going on in the shop with you all and documenting the progress, so I’m making a commitment to keep up with posting at least once a day in 2019.

The next thing on my to-do list is to make a list of fixtures, jigs and tooling that should help me to be more productive while I am in the shop as well as trying to arrange the processes in a way that creates positive work flow and synergy. The time in the shop isn’t about to increase, so I need to increase my productivity whilst I’m there. And that’s just one of many exciting things I have to share in the coming months. Along with making a fresh batch of jigs and fixtures to share, I will be doing something very special for guitar No. 50 that I absolutely cannot wait to share!

As I look ahead into 2019 I can’t help but smile. I watch this video and I’m reminded of the passion and drive I have for Lutherie. I hope you all feel the same way, whatever your drive is, and that you have an amazing year of dreams, success, love and the ability to hold your head high and keep your hopes higher during the inevitable struggles.