As the title says- it’s been a side-bend-palooza over here. Starting on 4 new builds for the upcoming Vancouver International Guitar Show and as you know I build with laminated sides. That’s 16 sides to be bent and 8 laminations to do! It’s all worth it, though.

If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook then maybe you saw last week that I was bending some Katalox sides and commented on how well that stuff bends! I also made some comments on my bending process and a few of you had questions about exactly what I meant, so I decided to make a video to demonstrate exactly that. With a nifty picture-in-picture feature you can watch the temperature rise and the bend process in real time.

If you’re new to building or just getting started, I hope this video can provide some insight into my process and how I’ve found success bending sides with a heat blanket, a mold and a temperature controller. Feel free to reach out with any questions and comments you may have! So, here it is-