This past year has been filled with some very interesting turns and events.  We took off in our remodeled camper…got to South Carolina and turned back around.  Sold the camper, remodeled a bathroom, packed up and moved to South Carolina, moved OUT of South Carolina, then went to San Diego where I interviewed and accepted a job as a cabinet maker.  Whew…and the year isn’t over…nor are the twists!   

I landed back in Detroit a couple weeks ago with the intention of packing all of our stuff, which was still in boxes, into a u-haul and taking it back to San Diego.  I had the job, I had lined up a place to stay- everything was in order or so it seemed.  But these past few months have been some of deep reflection and inner examination. Where are we? who are we? Why do we feel so desperate to move away?  Is it the cold?  Hmm, didn’t seem to be bothering me all that much.  What do we really want out of life…or at least the next 5-10 years?  Definitely want to own and renovate our own home.  Was that even possible in Southern California for us?  We wrestled with the options, numbers, possibilities, long term vs. short term plans and even though we want San Diego, something just didn’t feel right.  Today, we feel the same way, something just isn’t right about it for us.  We love Southern California and definitely want to be there, but at the end of the day have decided that there are circumstances and bigger reasons that have lead us to stay here in Michigan after all, and I’m definitely looking forward to relaxing a bit and finally letting go of this “we have to get out!  How are we getting out?!” madness that has plagued the last 9 years of our lives.  Which brings me to the rest of the year and what I am planning for 2018 and beyond.  

As of now, I’m in the process of setting the shop back up and tying up some unfinished projects that have been lingering for years.  Clearing out the ‘in process shelf’.  The first is this nylon string 00.  Using a combination of this awesome book from the 1970’s, Ervin Somogyi’s books and a few internet searches I took my standard steel string 00 shape and built a sort of classic/crossover style nylon string prototype.

Gluing the fingerboard in place here- with a two way adjustable truss rod.  This guitar will have a pretty thin, Spanish Cedar neck and I wanted to have maximum adjustability and stability.  And then also getting the top binding glued in place.  Continuing with the somewhat modern rendition of a Classic instrument, it will also include a small bevel on the treble side of the upper bout for a bit of comfortable access to some frets past the body joint.  It 


I hope to have in in finish over the next couple of weeks.  My initial thought was to French Polish the entire guitar, but being that its a prototype and it will likely be in the laps of many players, I’m leaning toward finishing the back, sides and neck in nitrocellulose lacquer and French Polishing the top.  Here’s where were at-


There’s still quite a bit of work left to do, but I’m happy with the progress and the way it’s all coming together.  

Stay tuned for more progress pictures of the build and things around the shop and follow me on instagram to see more frequent updates and build photos- @brad.the.guitarmaker