Guitar Repair Services

Iā€™m pleased to offer a full line of repair services including:

Setup- Adjust string heights and neck relief to maximize playability. $35+

Fret Dress- Level, crown and polish slightly worn or unlevel frets. $85+

Refret- Remove old frets, true up fingerboard, install, level, crown and polish new frets. $225+

New Bone Nut or Saddle- $65+

Bridge Re-Glue- Remove bridges which may be pulling off of the face, clean and reglue. $85+

Neck Reset- Remove neck and adjust for correct angle. $375+

Other services I offer which are based on evaluation include crack repairs, finish repairs, broken neck repair, brace re-gluing, bridge plate replacement, replacement of broken or worn parts, pickup installations, and more!

Please contact me by phone or email to set up an appointment.